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You can call me: 07368 509 774 or complete the form below, where you will also find some frequently asked questions. 

Frequently asked questions

What animals do you care for?

Paws, Claws and Whiskers doesn’t just focus on dogs or cats. It will be flexible and open to care for any pets.

What special services do you offer?

I  provide unique services to pet owners, to give them extra comfort, such as Facetime sessions with their pet and photos.  In addition, I can send a text and photo on return from our walk, reporting all is well.  If required, I can also put bins out, switch lights on etc while I’m there!

Can I expect any mess?

I will endeavour to clean and dry your dog to minimise the mess to your house on return.

What if something goes wrong?

I am able to give medication with instruction from owners, as well as carry an animal first aid kit.

I will also contact owners and transport pet to the vet if required.

What about rapport?

Owners deal directly with me either face to face or over the phone. Pets and I can become the best of friends and of course can build a good relationship with owners too.


I adhere to data protection and GDPR laws / requirements with clients information.

What transportation do you use?

I have an ex police dog van so is fully kitted out with the best of comforts and safety for your dog. They can enjoy the air conditioning to cool them down after their walk.

The van has large cages and harnesses – so dogs can travel in style subject to their preference.

Are you local?

Yes!  I have lived in Stirling all my life so know good walks and won’t be far away for any emergencies.

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