• Initial consultation
    (30 minutes)

    I will visit your pet/(s) at home to see if we can become friends and of course meet the owners.  We can discuss your requirements and help you select the most suitable services to meet your needs.

  • Single dog walk
    (45 minutes)

    Your dog will get 1 on 1 attention, plenty of love and a thorough walk. I will always ensure your dog’s business is cleaned up appropriately.

  • Group dog walk
    (max 4, 60 minutes)

    Ideal for multi-dog households, your dogs will be taken out and given a good run around, plenty of fun, and attention.

  • House visit 1: “pop-in”
    (15 minutes)

    Great for working families – I will “pop-in” to your home to feed your pet, ensure your pet is relieved, and give a wee cuddle.

  • House visit 2: “the clean-out”
    (30 minutes)

    Same as the “pop-in”, but if your pet needs a litter tray changed or a cage cleaned out, this is the service for you.

  • House visit 3: “the works”
    (45 minutes)

    This service includes feeding, a clean-out and some quality time for pets who need a little extra love. I can also send you some pictures of your pet and can be available for face-timing.

  • Pet taxi service
    (45 minutes)

    Need to take your pet to the vet, but don’t have the necessary transportation? This service is for you. I’ll even try to accommodate emergencies as best as I can.

  • Pet holiday – basic
    (Daily rate)

    No need to worry when you are on holiday. This service will provide two visits to your home – a “pop-in” visit and “the works” to ensure your pet gets all the care it needs.

  • Pet holiday – enhanced
    (Daily rate)

    Give your pet some extra love with this service – a “clean-out” and “the works” will add up to two visits to give you total peace of mind when you are on your holiday.

*Charges will apply for cancellations within 48 hours.

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